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pho 21'S STORY



We started Pho 21 Vietnamese Kitchen as a family run business. We wanted a place to call home and to share our traditional cuisine with our community. As a result, on April 21, 2018, we opened our doors to spread the essence of Vietnamese cuisine! Pho 21 is a place to gather. Our large space allows everyone to do something-- sing in the karaoke room*, play foosball, air hockey, and ping pong, watch tv, or just sit at a table enjoying the meal surrounded by company. 

What is


Pho at Pho 21 may look ordinary, but a lot of preparation goes into it. The transparent broth can only be obtained with high-quality ingredients, over 24 hours of cooking, and a careful eye to watch the pot. Our signature dish provides a hearty and balanced meal served with fresh vegetables on the side.



The karaoke room holds approximately 10-15 people. Sing songs in over 4 languages with state of the art microphones and speakers. Sing loud and proud, we don’t judge (cause the room is soundproof).

//temporarily closed//

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